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10 Ideas For Awesome Weblog Posts

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In case you are getting out of ideas for weblog posts here's a list with some new ones to get your creative juices flowing again. Best of all, most of these ideas will certainly bring a lovely amount of traffic and backlinks in case you execute them well. Enjoy!

1. Top 10 Lists: Those never get old on the Internet!
2. Top 100 Lists: If Top 10 is good, Top 100 is awesome. Those attract backlinks like nothing else.
3. Interviews: They help to build relationships, and can also bring traffic if the other person links to you.
4. Group Interviews: Why not do an interview with a bunch of people at the same time? Multiple answers to the same questions enrich the post.
5. Awards: Say you blog about cars. Why don’t you create the “Top 10 Car Blogs of 2011″ award? Adapt the idea into your own niche and spread the word!
6. Statistics: People love facts and numbers. Why don’t you gather some and publish them as a report?
7. How-tos and tutorials: Teach something to people and they will certainly be grateful and spread the word about your post.
8. Best of: We are getting close to the end of the year, so why not publish a “Best _________ of 2011″ list on your blog?
9. YouTube Videos: YouTube is so popular because people love videos. Why don’t you create a compilation with the best YouTube videos related to your blog niche and publish it?
10. Best books: How about creating a post with the best books related to your niche? Use your Amazon affiliate link and you could make some money with it as well!

Do you have a post idea or style I have forgotten here? Let us know in the comments below.What about you?

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