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SEO Friendly Blogger 100% free

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SEO Friendly Blogger( 100% free )
One provider of free templates for users of blogger or blogspot is owned by Isnaini For the bloggers Indonesia, Isnaini name is not foreign anymore because he's one blogger's senior ground water. blogger templates provide two types, namely the classic blogger templates (HTML templates) and the new blogger template (XML template). As for ease in selecting the preferred template, have been grouped template2 berdsarkan masing2 theme templates, such as abstract, animal, futuristic, music, kids, movie, sports, computer, etc..

Sala blogger or blogspot is a google-owned provider of free blogs that are very popular and widely used by people in the world today. No wonder that many people who take advantage of the popularity of these bloggers to create and provide a template or theme blogger or blogspot both free / free and premium / paid.
Search engines need to see content in order to list pages in their massive keyword-based indices. They also need to have access to a crawlable link structure - one that lets their spiders browse the pathways of a website - in order to find all of the pages on a website. Hundreds of thousands of sites make the critical mistake of hiding or obfuscating their navigation in ways that search engines cannot access, thus impacting their ability to get pages listed in the search engines' indices. Below, we've illustrated how this problem can happen:
In the example above, Google's spider has reached page "A" and sees links to pages "B" and "E". However, even though C and D might be important pages on the site, the spider has no way to reach them (or even know they exist) because no direct, crawlable links point to those pages. As far as Google is concerned, they might as well not exist - great content, good keyword targeting, and smart marketing won't make any difference at all if the spiders can't reach those pages in the first place.

One major thing I have noticed over the past few years is the number of websites that don’t contain friendly URL’s, so an example may be:

A better example for a friendly URL would be:

As you can see from the two examples, the second option has a good selection of keywords, this will help Google and the other search engines identify what the page is about and having keywords in the URLs is a good SEO method for keyword placement, as mentioned above.

In terms of images, also having an appropriate file name is vital. An example would be women that are looking for a wedding dress – they will more than likely go to Google images to find design ideas. Having an image named "img310.jpg" isn’t going to help with the Google image algorithm.

So a better idea would be to have a file name "wedding-dress.jpg" for example

As a golden rule, a website has eight seconds to sell the company and/or products and there is nothing worse than waiting for a website to load, especially large images and backgrounds. As mentioned above, website load time is a factor and the two best tools I have used to reduce image file sizes are Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Fireworks – admittedly Fireworks did the slightly better job, even though it was only a few kilobytes.

Also if the website is an e-commerce site, create smaller images for the galleries. There is nothing worse than waiting for an image to load that is only 200px x 200px on screen that has been re-sized using HTML code – remember speed is now a key factor with SEO and can’t be avoided.

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