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Meta Tag SEO is pretty straight

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Using Meta Tag SEO is pretty straight-forward and easy. Simply start the program and load a web page from the program's File menu. (Select File and then Open. Browse to the web page that you want to validate and then double-click it.) Meta Tag SEO will display your opened web page's HTML code on the left-hand side of its screen and begin analyzing it for known problems. One of those problems is keyword relevancy.

Meta Tag SEO uses the name of each HTML file as the main keyword of a web page. If it's analyzing a page that isn't keyword rich, guess what? Meta Tag SEO counts that as an error -- an error designed to strengthen your awareness of SEO tactics.

Should your web page contain common SEO violations or errors, Meta Tag SEO will describe them on the right-hand side of the screen. If your copy of Meta Tag SEO is unregistered, you can't make any changes to the web page from inside the program. If it is registered, you can edit the page just as you would edit any page and click the "Validate" button on the lower left-hand side of the screen to (1) save your changes and (2) analyze the page again. Repeat this process until you no longer see problems with the web page. A clean slate means that your web page is validated and SEO compliant.

Known Issues

1. Meta Tag SEO will not run without Internet Explorer installed into the "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\" directory.

2. Your meta tags must start with the following syntax to work:

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