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Mantras For Better Search Rankings> SEO

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Importance of Keyphrase Research:
The moment they are clear about what keywords & phrases they must focus on, implementing everything else is a lot simpler. To start off, try to identify "target keyphrases" on the basis of the subject, content & audience for your website. Without defining these, great search engine rankings are impossible.

SEO Guru-mantras for Better Search Rankings
Every website owner is traffic-hungry. Frankly, driving quality traffic to your website is not that complicated at all. By following these simple & basic techniques, you will find that results start showing up within a few days...

Focus not on the keyphrases which have more search volumes, but on those keyphrases which your content is about. If someone is looking for your particular content & you are focusing on a "generalised" keyphrase, that person's search will seldom end-up at your website.

This will bring in quality traffic & thus, more revenues.

Don't forget that your page title ought to make sense, keywords-only will seldom drive humans to your pages. & yes, for all of your pages, each title ought to be different & matchless containing key-phrases relating to that pages content. Most search engines will display the first 60-70 characters of the title, so must keep the most important key-phrases in the beginning.

Header Content:
Webmaster had been playing with Meta-descriptions & Titles over the years, but over time, search engine algorithms have become intuitive & now use complicated algorithm mechanisms which are hard to fool. Therefore, they must be cautious about what to put & how much..????

Matchless Content:
Google changed it all in late nineties & other search engines had to do likewise. Today, in case you have better content, you WILL win! In case you have matchless, quality, original content on your site, people will certainly land up at your page & spend time on your website. Incorporating programs like Adsense gelled with link-based revenue-programs like Infolinks, will show great results.

Search robots don't include meta-content in their algorithms any more. But descriptions will be shown in search results so they need to be specific, to the point & relevant. As your SEO Guru, I will rule that you keep meta-description to around 150 characters & write it specifically for a specific page. Without meta-descriptions, search engines will pick some portion of the text from that page & it might not make any sense.

Be honest & provide your visitors with quality content. Within no time, you will notice your site rank up in the search engine results. Not only this, your pages will start attracting plenty of quality incoming links from other sites which will give a boost to your traffic :

be cautious that you dont stuff your content with plenty of keywords; inserting keywords or keyphrases in to your content meaninglessly would be a huge negative point for your rating & you may finish up getting blacklisted at Google & Yahoo.

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