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Business visitors

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Canadian companies must write a letter of invitation when they host business visitors from abroad. Business visitors can be existing or potential buyers, investors, trade show or conference visitors, partners, or employees or partners coming for training at the companys facilities.

A letter of invitation does not guarantee that a visa will be issued. Visa officers evaluate candidates to find out in the event that they are eligible to visit Canada. Some visa offices may need these letters to be notarized. Contact the Canadian visa office of your visitors country to find out if this is necessary.

Be definite to leave time for your visitors visa to be processed. See Application processing times in the Related Links section at the bottom of this page to find out how long it may take to technique a visa.

If your Canadian company is inviting a visitor, a representative of the company ought to write the letter. Some firms have specific individuals who sign letters of invitation. Your company ought to send each visitor originals of the letter of invitation, for them to submit when applying for their visa & to present when they enter Canada.

* about the person being invited
o complete name
o date of birth, if known
o the company represented & the persons position
o the persons address & phone number (both work & home)
o your companys relationship to the invitee & your business history together
o whether you know the visitor personally, & in case you are related
o the purpose of the trip (if part of a longer-term project, provide context)
o the length of time the person will be visiting your company in Canada
o accommodation & living expenses that your company will cover &
o the date the person intends to leave Canada, if known.

The letter must include information:

* about the company extending the invitation
o complete name of the company
o headquarters address
o the address of all company facilities being visited
o the companys website address, if obtainable
o the companys date of registration/incorporation &
o a short description of the firms business line.

* about the person extending the invitation
o complete name
o job title & position in the company
o address & phone numbers in Canada &
o work e mail address.

To see a list of countries & territories whose citizens need a temporary resident visa to enter Canada, see Do you need a visa? under the Related Links section at the bottom of this page.

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